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Good IT is the lifeblood of any business.

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

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No network is too complex for our engineers.
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System Repair & Administration

We do more than just network architecture!
Our experienced technicians can diagnose any hardware or software related problem you may have to get you back up and running with minimal downtime.


We’ll know what parts you need and exactly how to install them.


When repairs aren’t appropriate, we’ll find you the best replacement – at the best price!

Design & Build

Sometimes you may have very specific workstation requirements that aren’t met by typical pre-built machines.
That’s okay! We can design a PC from scratch, source the parts, and build it all in-house.


Data Management & Backup

Data is the most important thing your business has.
We’ll make sure it’s safe.


There’s a lot of things that can befall your company’s data.
We always adhere to the best industry practices of securing and protecting sensitive data.

Server Backups

Hardware failure, natural disaster or theft; we’ll have a backup – probably several.

We're very redundant

From our backups to our servers, everything that’s important we do redundantly. 
This means a single point of failure won’t bring your business to a halt – you probably won’t even notice!


Infrastructure & Design

Your network infrastructure should be reliable and robust, designed with best practices and security in mind. We have the experience to make that happen.


Whether it’s a file server, SQL database, RDS or application server.
No matter what the server needs to do, we can make sure it does it.
Don’t know what you need? Ask us!


We can design, build and manage any servers your company needs to operate. Along with that, a stable and secure network for it all to function quickly and safely.


We can design, build a stable and secure network for your entire business to function at a high level.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We won’t let bad actors hold your data hostage.


We use state-of-the-art anti-virus solutions to help keep you protected 24/7.


No matter how secure a network, disaster can strike. 
That’s why we’re always prepared by taking backups of your most important systems.


Millions of devices are infected with spyware that silently collects user data.
Our security tools report and prevent spyware from hiding itself in your systems.

Cloud Services

There are many benefits to cloud based infrastructure, ask us about them!

Google Federation

Most companies have a Domain Controller that holds user account information and permissions.
Did you know you can use Google’s cloud to federate and manage all of your network accounts?

File Server Migration

Want to move your file servers to the cloud?
A cloud migration can be painless with the right tools and experience.
We have both!


Not sure what the cloud is?
We’d be happy to explain it and discuss with you what your unique circumstance will require should you decide to make the switch.

Cyber Security

Criminals and bots would love to have access to your data, but you don’t have to let them.

Security Information & Event Management

Our SIEM tools provide us with advanced analytics and real-time system tracking in order investigate suspicious activity and diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Eyes-On-Glass Monitoring

We’re always on the watch for suspicious system events and silent installations that put your system at risk.
With 24/7 monitoring you can be sure nothing slips by unnoticed.

Darkweb Scanning

Credentials are occasionally stolen and sold on illicit marketplaces in what is known as the “Darkweb”.
We perform quarterly scans of the most active marketplaces so that in the event that your sensitive credentials are stolen, we can keep you one step ahead.

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